Tuesdays can be a bit of a drag. We put some pep into our day with a calm and collected playlist. This week we’re showcasing some fresh and exciting talent from across the pond as a tribute to our British roots. An office favorite is surely the soulful crooning of Sam Smith. We’re also extremely excited to see how George Ezra’s career pans out with the instant classics “Budapest” and “Did You Hear The Rain?” However, we can’t forget about some of our favorites like Ellie Goulding and Ed Sheeran.

Pop in your headphones, indulge and unwind. We invite you to explore.


(From left to right: Tie Dye Linen Tee, Tencel Short, Albi Skinny BeltOrange Band Straw Trillby, Maria SandalsModal Cotton Silk Front DressRosa Necklace Maren Scarf, Two Tone Make Up BagWashed Linen Raglan CardiganBeach Club Bag)

Picking the right location for your summer holiday is the easy part; the hard part is figuring out what to pack in your suitcase! Don’t worry any longer, The Summer Sale has all those “must-have” items for your perfect vacation look. Whether you’re heading to a beach resort or going to explore a new city, we have the right pieces to pack, so you can feel fabulous without breaking the bank.


When it comes to packing, you’ll need to have a game plan: find pieces that can be worn multiple times without looking like a “repeat offender” and also pieces that can easily transition from day to night. We love a good resort retreat and here are our picks for spending some time in the sun and enjoying a sea breeze. We suggest pieces that are easy and comfortable. Linen is always a good staple to bring for warm weather.

We chose our Washed Linen Raglan Cardigan and Tie Dye Linen Tee for a cool, casual look. Our Modal Cotton Silk Front Dress is the perfect piece to transition from a beach day to an evening out. Its luxe fabric will make you feel fabulous without being uncomfortable. Not to mention, its pop of color is the perfect shade to highlight your tan! Beach accessories are an absolute necessity. We chose our fun Beach Club Bag and Two Tone Make Up Bag for our bag choices. The Beach Club Bag is the perfect tote for a beach towel, sunscreen, and a great book. Another must have beach accessory is obviously a hat that can cover your face from all the sun rays like our Orange Band Straw Trillby.




Escape your desk and travel with us across the pond for a virtual vacation to the Jigsaw Marlow Street Store.


Marlow has a new resident on the high street — and there’s no doubt we’ve snagged the best building on the block. Our new womenswear haven is perched in the heart of Marlow’s High Street in a stately, three-story English Heritage building. Though the exact date of construction is unknown, Alfred House (later changed to the present Cromwell House) maintains the appearance of an early 18th century home more than likely built around 1721. Its early tenants included Esquires, 19th century solicitors, engineers and eventually Royal Mail in mid-20th century before welcoming Jigsaw last week.



The new shop in Marlow boasts a crisp, bright interior with plenty of natural light and an open floor plan. The mix of contemporary stone and parquet floors complement the traditional features of the building, which includes a stunning floor-to-ceiling fireplace in our accessories boudoir.


The fireplace contains a conglomeration of three styles. The large, wooden overmantel is the oldest and thought by some to have been hand carved by French prisoners of war. The lower wooden mantel was carved in the style of the top undoubtedly some years afterwards. The junior branch of The Royal Military College was set up in several properties in Marlow during early the 19th century. Alfred House being one of them, it was likely part of the damage recompensed to its owner at the time. The tiles date to the turn of the 20th century and are thought to be Minton, the world-renowned English china



Mid-century modern style furniture and white glazed brick offset the contemporary metal fixtures giving the space a clean, yet cosy atmosphere. The changing rooms are spacious and well-lit to leave the mystery out of shopping.




Warehouse Sale


We’ll be honest. Nothing compares to that warm, exciting feeling of walking away from a sale with a great deal. We live for finding those perfect pieces in a palatable price range. That being said, we want to let you in on a little secret. If you’re in Southern California, you must visit the Jigsaw Warehouse Sale. Located at 314 N. Beverly Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills, our Warehouse Sale is in full affect. Grab your best girls, your comfortable shoes and head to Jigsaw to grab something special.

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Healthy low sugar ice cream? Surely such a treat is too good to be true?! And yet, Sarah Wilson of I Quit Sugar fame has created just that; a chocolaty summer sweet so healthy you can lick the bowl guilt free and still feel deliciously confident in your summer bikini.








1 1/3 cups full-fat coconut milk

1/3 cup raw cacao powder

4 tablespoons rice malt syrup

1⁄2 teaspoon vanilla powder


Mix all the ingredients in a blender or using a hand blender until smooth and creamy. Pour into a freezer-safe container – a lunchbox will do – and leave in the freezer for 5 hours.
 (Or use an ice-cream maker, if you have one.) Serve with Ice Magic (also known as Magic Shell) over the top. The ice cream may become 
a little too firm if left in the freezer too long. If so, allow it to thaw slightly before serving.








1/2 cup coconut oil

7 tablespoons raw cacao powder

7 tablespoons granulated stevia

big pinch of sea salt


Melt the coconut oil in a small saucepan over low heat then add the remaining ingredients, whisking well until the stevia
 is dissolved. Allow to cool slightly, then pour over homemade sugar-free ice cream. Store in a covered container in the fridge and melt when you need to use it.