This season in a totally new departure, we worked with a film director for the latest shoot in a move away from traditional fashion photography. We caught up with Francesca to talk fashion, female empowerment, and the inspiration behind the images. 

 “In terms of inspiration for the shoot,” says Francesca, “There was strength… I wasn’t interested in posing the model in the typical ‘girly’ poses: There was kind of an androgyny to it. She was as in control of the situation and I think that added to a sexuality that works for both men and women. I think in this campaign the Jigsaw woman comes across as confident and strong and sexual and not afraid to own herself – and why shouldn’t she?!”



“I think in telling a story in film it’s really about capturing the humanity”, Francesca continues. “It’s about having that rapport with the actor or model where they feel comfortable with you and confident in you to reveal themselves. When they open themselves up to you, the clothes look better because they become part of the story and it is your job to capture that moment, that bravery of reveal.”

“I’m always curious about what it is that makes one image stronger than another and I think it really comes down to people revealing who they are, because that’s always so attractive – our humanity, capturing in a single frame the essence of who we are. Someone’s individual truth is actually what we respond to in an image, and the more specific and intimate paradoxically the more universal, simply because it rings true and that cannot be denied.”



We’re all living life already so for me it’s about heightened reality and that’s what fashion is… It’s aspirational, it’s about fantasy. I love that in-between space where anything can happen.

“To me, costumes are the unsung heroes in film, as are film editors – I think those two elements don’t get the credit they deserve. I think if anyone watches either of my films, you’ll see great attention paid to costume. I fancy myself as a stylish person so I do think about it; I’m not obsessed by it, but I want to look good!

At the end of the day, you can have the best lighting in the world, the best framing in the world, but what you’re framing up is the actor in their clothes so the clothes better be rock solid and express something about who that person is.”


Francesca Gregorini is an Italian-American film director and writer based in L.A. Francesca has worked with HBO and Paramount Pictures, as well as co-writing and co-directing the movie ‘Tanner Hall’ starring Rooney Mara, an official selection at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival, and wrote and directed ‘The Truth about Emanuel’ starring Kaya Scodelario, which was selected for the US Dramatic Competition at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

Go behind the scenes on set:


This summer’s art prints’ continue into AW14, the patterns inspired by modernist painters – colorful abstracts and painted textures on beautiful silks and viscose.


This futuristic print has been hand-painted and digitally augmented with Persian rose and magenta providing a captivating colour palette. Find it on our silk front tee, coming soon.



A vintage print, we have updated the original pattern with a refined colour palette and a distinctively modern feel. Find it as a painted tee and pencil skirt.






Inspired by the catwalk, this digital print has a neutral khaki base interspersed with pops of neon to bring to life a modern check; a key trend this season.



This 50s vintage print has been hand-painted onto silk and woven into the collection in the form of an elegant dresspencil skirt and silk top.




We hand-painted this print onto silk and bleached out the pattern to create a contemporary ditzy floral.



Step into autumn with our Pixie Chelsea Boot. It’s a sleek and modern version of a classic style, but we wanted to know the story behind the British roots of this well-loved shoe.

The Chelsea boot dates back to the 1830’s and was formerly known as the paddock boot. Distinguished by the tight fit, elastic side and heel tab, the sturdy but lightweight boot was worn by the equestrian crowd.  Even Queen Victoria wore hers quite frequently, with her bootmaker J Sparkes-Hall even commenting that, “She [The Queen] walks in them daily and thus gives the strongest proof of the value she attaches to the invention.”


Fast forward to mid-way through the 20th century. King’s Road in West London is home to a group of burgeoning beatniks, fashion designers, young artists, musicians and more. Infamously known as the ‘Chelsea Set’, they became synonymous with a new lifestyle and way of dressing. The gentlemen of this crowd were quite fond of the Paddock boot and thus, the ‘Chelsea’ boot was born.


Our Pixie Chelsea Boot is a whimsical take on the classic style. Crafted from supple calf leather, the boots are soft and add an element of interest with perforated detailing. Snug yet undeniably comfortable, our Chelsea Boot is featured in sand and black and is sure to be a favorite in your autumn wardrobe. How do you wear your chelsea boots? 

We’ve crafted a confident and effortless collection for the season ahead, weaving in trends that have been carefully selected and will last the test of time. Our prints continue to be inspired by modernist painters and our fabrics have a luxurious tactility to them, creating heart-racing products that truly captivate the imagination… 



This season sees us explore new horizons as we anchor some of Europe’s most sensational cities at the heart of our AW14 collection. We explore left bank Paris with its vibrant art scene and La Parisienne’s thrown-together chic, urban, gritty Berlin with a deeper colour palette and a more autumnal feel and the breathtakingly beautiful frozen city of Reykjavik.



The colour palette for Paris has denim at its heart, with various shades of blues, exciting splashes of vermillion-red and accessories in warm tannery shades. In our Berlin story we chose deep cobalt blues with an occasional petrol hue and autumnal greens interspersed with highlights of mustard. For Reykjavik we opted for a colour palette of greys, neutrals, winter whites and accents of soft aqua blue and pale dusty pink.




This season we’ve used luxury yarns like mohair and boucle, which are incredibly soft to touch and evoke a fur-like quality. You’ll also see (and feel) silky soft cashmere, fine gauge merino, loop back wools and velvet. There’s statement leather for edge and cosy knitted sheepskin for comfort and indulgence, all wrapped up in one cosy package.


With our season launch just weeks away there’s not long to wait before you can get up close and personal with our best collection yet. In the meantime, shop pre-season.


We’re indulging in sale for a bit longer this season and we wanted to give you an inside look into the blogger edit of our sale styles by none other than  Kayley from Sidewalk Ready. We love Kayley’s style and we’re over the moon that she’s relocated from the Midwest to sunny, sunny Los Angeles. Enjoy her list of our summer steals and indulge before the sale ends!

The Blogger Edit


Deep Pink Silk Cami

Was $65, now $28.

“Such a pretty stand-alone or layering piece.”



Tea Rose Dress.

Was $238, now $65.

“Adorable for a casual, day off or to a wedding. Versatile and classic. Can’t be beat!”


Daisy Sandal.

Was $149, now $74.

“The beaded details make these perfect for spicing up a simple outfit.”

Aztec Silk Print Dress.

Was $195, now $75.

One of my favorite Jigsaw patterns. I love the modern print on such a luxury fabric!


Silk Bomber Jacket.

Was $275, now $96.

Wear this with jeans, shorts, slacks, a dress, and keep it forever. It’s that good.

Maria Sandal.

Was $235, now $90

I really can’t think of a day that I wouldn’t want to wear these.

Cotton Slouchy Stripe Sweater.

Was $85, now $59.

Will stripes ever go out of style? I certainly hope not. This slouchy sweater is perfect.

Rice Stitch Tab Drape Cardigan.

Was $175, now $87.

I already know this goes with everything. Why? Because I have it in black and can’t get enough.

Daisy Jacquard Pintuck Top.

Was $145, now $72.

I think this color looks good on every skin tone. Really.

Tano Here Lies Love Bag.

Was $78, now $54.

Wear with your black shoes, your brown shoes, your nude shoes, your white shoes – you get the idea.