For Earth Day this year, I’m taking some time to admire the beauty in the world around me and revel in just how lucky I am to be a part of this remarkable planet.

Though we are an international company, at Jigsaw do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint – from upcycling forgotten fabrics, to creating biodegradable hang-tags, to using recycled paper in our office – we do our best to help reduce emissions and keep our planet beautiful!

Here’s a few lovely links and happenings we recommend to keep your Earth Day eventful!

* Browse these gorgeous shots of earth taken from above

* Here’s 50 ways to Go Green

* See the world from another angle

* In the Newport Beach, CA area? Go watch some whales!

* Go out and plant some new flowers!

* Try a fun and kid-friendly Earth Day craft

* Spend sometime outside with friends by hosting a fun backyard bonfire!

Happy Earth Day All!



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