Meet our latest Jigsaw Pieces of the Puzzle Blogger of the Moment – Jenny of Good, Bad, and Fab!

Jenny Piece of the Puzzle Blogger of the Moment

Jenny is one of those bloggers who always seems to look beautiful and amazing, whatever the occasion!  Whether she is dressing up for a fabulous Los Angeles party or dressing down for a day at the beach, Jenny always has a look to covet!  We absolutely adore her perfect blend of sophisticated professional and trendy hip styles.  Plus, she resides in our American headquarter’s home town, which means she occasionally drops into our Beverly Hills store!  An avid traveler, Jenny often blogs about her travels across Europe and combined with her beautiful photography and killer style, Good, Bad and Fab has quickly become one of our favorite reads of the Blogosphere!  Find out more about this lawyer turned blogger and discover why she is our Jigsaw Piece of the Puzzle Blogger of the Moment!

Jenny Piece of the Puzzle Blogger of the Moment

- What’s your name and can you tell us a bit about yourself (hobbies, likes, dislikes)?

My name is Jenny Wu and I’m a LA fashion lawyer turned fashion blogger. My passion for fashion has led to a dramatic career change as I now blog full-time! I love to eat, work off what I eat by working out, and spend fabulous quality time with my friends and family.

Jenny Piece of the Puzzle Blogger of the Moment

- What’s the name of your blog and what do you write about?

My blog is called Good, Bad, and Fab and it’s about the personal style and fashion of an LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane! I provide my readers with a glimpse into my life through personal narratives about fashion, style and beauty.

-How would you describe your personal fashion sense?

My personal style is an extension of my eclectic personality inspired in part by the diversity and richness of LA’s subcultures. My style is inspired by the hipsters and artists that play and reside in Silverlake and Los Feliz. It’s inspired by the retro Hollywood screen sirens who evoke timeless glamor and vintage appeal. It’s also inspired by the casual bohemian style of So Cal  beach side towns. But no matter what I’m wearing,  I try to make sure I always  look feminine and polished.

Jenny Piece of the Puzzle Blogger of the Moment

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