The Kimono Cardigan is now available in Gunmetal, and ready to make a soft, shimmering statement this holiday season and beyond…


It’s been a Jigsaw favorite since it’s debut, and not just because of the ultra soft feel and lovably easy care instructions. The Kimono Cardigan is an infamous essential because it can be worn so many ways; with two buttons on the sides, it transforms into different draping sweater styles instantly, but can also be worn simply as a shawl or scarf. Plus it’s light weight made it the perfect piece for our Director of Design, Mary, to take it all over Africa in her charity trip this summer. This season, it takes on a whole new shine in Gunmetal, a soft shimmering sheen silver that dresses up the look just in time for the holidays.








Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 3.32.23 PM


Want to see all the ways to style the Kimono Cardigan? Watch the video here.

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