Spending 40+ hours of you week there leaves little room to sacrifice style just because you’re at the office. And if you live by the credo “Look good, feel good”, the right office outfits can make all the difference in your climb toward the top. Not sure how to merge love of trend and commitment to killer work ethic? Look no further; our new collection seamlessly bridges the two, offering cornerstone designs to build into any mood, even that tricky Friday look that needs to stun at the boardroom and the dinner table…

1. Keep comfort in mind

We shouldn’t have to say it, but it’s true. Keep in mind that all-day-wear really means all day. Breathable fabrics, or something with a stretch and a soft feel, won’t start to wear on your comfort level after the 8th hour. The perfect piece? Anything Ponte. It offers a form fit and a classic shape, all while being unbelievably soft and stretchy. Stop by any store if you don’t believe us.

ponte5 ponte1
 Ponte Tuck Front Dress Modern Ponte Tiered Skirt Dress
ponte8 ponte4
 Ponte Hourglass Dress Ponte Tuck Front Dress

2. Make it Modern

Nothing says ready to conquer like a modern look. The easiest way to take on the persona is with the classic color combination black and white. Streamlined, direct, and insanely flattering, black and white lets the world know you don’t need to be flashy to make a statement. Build your capsule wardrobe with white blouses and tops, and black pencil skirts and twills; their intermixable will let you create different looks every day of the week, and a chunky necklace or accessory lets you add a pop of color when the workday ends.
*Yes, black jeans can be office wear if styled correctly. A dressy top and a structured blazer, or the right pair of booties or heels can make all the difference. And remember, only high quality jeans, nothing too worn.

office6 office12
 Classic Drape Shirt Asymmetrical Pleat Skirt
office10 office9
 Black Twill Straight Leg Stretch Jeans Roll Collar Crepe Top

3. Love comes in layers

Especially if you have a job that runs you around the building, the city, or the country. Layer up in cardigans that keep the look polished, yet comfortingly cozy. You can take them off if the sun peaks out, otherwise they offer a great statement piece when a waterfall collar or duster length accent the ensemble. And as you know, we brits love our cardigans…


office3 office11

Rib Collar Drape Cardigan

Cashmere Silk Waterfall Cardigan

4. Go for Modest, but never boring

The workplace is no place for your Saturday night cocktail dresses, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Make waves in unexpected details, like a printed trim or collar, a leather detail on skirts or jackets, or a printed tweed that feels as unexpected as it does exciting. The point is: keep this appropriate for all crowds. Finding a balance between timeless and trendy will go miles in the business world.

office13 office4
 Leather Trim Utility Skirt Textured Wool Leather Trim Knit Coat
office8 office1
 Tweed Print Pencil Skirt Tweed Print Dress

Want more inspiration?

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